We’re open on Sunday 28th October!

The Delft Science Centre will, like many other places, be open for “Wetenschapsdag” (Science Day) on 28 October 2018 between 11:00-16:00.



Among the exhibits, we will be showing what you can do with microscopes old and new, and the Beijerinck Office Museum will be open to escorted groups.

The Minerals Museum will also be open, with VR demonstrations.


The full programme (in Dutch) is available here:

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Lyz, i replied to your email address. I am available on 24th, afternoon of 25th and 26th. Please reply to

Lesley – I think I wrote to another site tp try to reach you. Will be in Den Haag next week. (24 June)
+1 253 861 6824. Lyz

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