Delft’s Science Centre nominated for Museum Prize!

Delft Science Centre with new Kamer van Beijerinck, 2nd floor with balcony

We’re very excited to be able to tell you that the Delft Science Centre, home of the Beijerinck, van Iterson and Kluyver collection as well as the Faculty of Mining’s mineral collection and more modern exhibits from Delft University of Technology, has been nominated for the BankGiro Lottery’s Museum Prize.

It would be very kind and much appreciated if you would support us by voting.

The voting site is in Dutch, so here’s a translation into English for those who use other languages.

1; Go to the site here:

2; Hit the green button labelled “Stem op dit museum”.

3: When the blue rectangle comes up, it says “Yes, I’m voting for the Science Centre Delft” and asks you to fill in your name and then your email address (that’s so that they can make sure that each email address is linked to one vote and so that they can let you know if you win the prize trip to New York).

Also click the box immediately under the email box – it indicates that you’re over 18 and agree with the rules (which you can see by hitting the “actievoorwaarden” link. If you want to read them, copy the text and paste it into Google Translate or another translation app). The two boxes below, if clicked, let them send you news about the BankGiro Lottery (who’re sponsoring the prize) and the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund (also sponsors).

4: Click on the green button.

You will then be thanked for voting and they will send an email to the address you gave them. The email will ask you to click on another green button to confirm your vote (it prevents folk from getting carried away and making up email addresses to let them vote often).

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You can reach me at my TUD address l.a.robertson AT (Activate my address by changing AT to @)

L.S., Kunt u mij een emailadres geven alwaar ik voor de Dorpsraad Gorssel aan u een verzoek kan indienen tot opnemen in een publicatie die ik aan het voorbereiden ben, van een aquarel van Henriëtte Beijerink, berustend in uw collectie, van hun huis in Gorssel. In een thema in deze bundel over beeldende kunst wordt de belangrijke Gorsselnaar, prof. Beijerink, beschreven. Ik kan u dat in de dan komende email beter uitleggen dan hier. Alvast dank voor uw aandacht en antwoord,
Dick van Welzen

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