Brendel flower models

The collection includes about 20 of the flower models made by Robert and Reinhold Brendel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The models are made from  papier-mâché with other materials including plaster, glass beads, wood, cotton and rattan added to give detail or texture. They can be taken apart to reveal internal details (although they’re not always simple to put back together again). The Brendels were advised on the accuracy of their models by various Professors, depending on what the particular model was intended to show. As well as plants, models of fungi, yeast and bacteria were eventually included.
Dealers included the models in their own catalogues, but Delft has the only known surviving Brendel catalogue, issued in Berlin in 1913.

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Can you please let me have your University email address so that I can send it. You can send it to my email account.

Good evening,
I am working on a team project at the University of Bologna and it would be useful to us to have access to the catalogue. It is possible to have a PDF?

Kind Regards,
Elena Domenicucci

Dear Lesley
Please may I also have a PDF of the catalogue?
I am not an academic only an amateur enthusiast but I would be extremely grateful to see what the catalogue looked like and what was available.
Kind regards

Hello I’m Betty De Stefano in Brussels
I’m interested because I love these flowers. I had a collection in the past that I had to sold when I divorced. and would love to collect them again.

Are you (with an academic institution? I prefer to know who I’m sharing files with!

hello, it would be lovely to have a pdf of this catalog. thank you. Betty (

I’ll email a copy to you later today.

Hi Lesley
I work at the Herbarium LY in Lyon (France). We have a lot of Brendel models. We are looking for this catalog for a long time ! (very useful for identification and broken pieces). I would be very grateful if you could send us this PDF. Thank you.

Are you (or your wife) with an academic institution?
I prefer to know who I’m sharing files with!

Hi Lesley,

I hardly dare to ask, but could you e-mail the pdf of the Brendel catalogue to me as well? It is sort of the best thing I could give my wife for her birthday as the real Brendel models sell for astronomic prices nowadays! Many thanks!

Are you with an academic institution?

I’m interested in these beautiful Mendel models. Can you please send me the PDF catalog ? Thank you very much, Julie Ceylan

I will email a copy to you.

Hi Lesley

My name is Marina, I am a student at the University of Porto. I am researching on the botanical models of Robert Brendel.
The Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Porto, has some dozens of these models.
We do not have a Brendel catalog. I would be very grateful if you could send us a catalog.
Thank you for your help in this matter

I will email a copy to you.

Hi Lesley
I work at the Department of Botany of St. Petersburg State University (Russia). We have 172 Brandel models. They are in different degree of safety. Unfortunately, we do not have a Brendel catalog. I would be very grateful if you could send us a catalog. Thank you.

Thank you very much for all those informations Lesley And thank you for the catalogue.


Yes, I’ll send you a catalogue pdf when I get back to my office on Monday.
The first model on the colour photo is a lily.
The early Brendel models all have that distinctive circular black foot and stand. Slightly later ones have rectangular black feet, the most modern one in our collection has a green foot that is not wood (I’m not sure what it is, from memory).
If you don’t hear from me on Monday or Tuesday next, please remind me…

Hello Lesley,

I’m working on an exhibition at the Musée National de l’Education in Rouen (France) and we are going to expose some models of flowers of Louis Auzoux as well as some of Brendel. We are trying to identify some of these models that we have in reserve, they don’t have any name or data but I recognized one of them on first picture you have put. I think it might be a lily flower but I’m not sure. Would it be possible for you to send me the PDF catalogue of your flower models ?

Best regards,


Oh I apologise, I misread your previous comment to mean you had already sent the file!

I am a student of conservation, and am researching a Brendel model: understanding how many models were made in this series, whether my particular model was available at this time (or if it is a later model), and how the materials are described in the original catalogue, would be an exceptionally helpful contribution to my research. Any assistance will be most gratefully received and acknowledged.

Thank you again

I haven’t sent the pdf yet – I prefer to know who I’m sharing files with, first!
I’ll be back in my office on Monday, and will send it then.

Hi Lesley
Thank you for replying so quickly!
I am researching conservation/cleaning aspects, and the catalogue will help me in placing the significance of the model within the broader Brendel universe.
May I please ask you to resend the PDF? It seems that it has not yet reached my email address.
Many thanks again, and please feel free to communicate directly via by email.

I’d have to send you a pdf file.

I’m curious – what aspect are you researching?

I am sincerely interested in the Brendel catalogue – it would significantly contribute to my research. Is it possible to view it online or in PDF?

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